Safety Services

In the last several years, we’ve had more and more requests for a different type of service that we provide. We find that companies want a long term relationship with us because they realize they don’t have the time or the staff internally to be able to deal with health and safety issues, so we were actually providing people with a part-time safety person or even a full-time safety person. We provide those people to go and do that, and we also have people who don’t have a safety person in-house that understand they need to have a better safety program, so we may have somebody that actually shows up at their property and acts as their safety person for one day a week, or two or three days a month.

We also have some companies that actually use our staff because they’re in a transition period where they’re either increasing their staff, decreasing their staff, merging or being sold, and until all the dust shakes out, they have us provide them with a full-time safety person. We’re able to construct those services to meet the needs of a company who’s only looking for somebody for one day a week or a couple days a month, or be able to provide somebody who can be there full-time. It all depends on what the customer is looking for, but we provide all that in-house capability, all the reporting that’s required, all the OSHA documentation, and even daily safety management where we log employees in and out, we make sure they’re trained properly, have the proper certifications and licenses, and manage a maintenance booklet to make sure that everything is being done according to their contract.