Biometric Health Screenings

Biometric Screenings are clinical procedures that when provided by employers can improve the overall health and wellbeing of a company’s workforce. The Lawson Group provides cost-effective, convenient, and easy to understand Biometric Screenings, comprehensive evaluations and education that helps to address the cause of disease while working to prevent it.

What is Biometric Health Screenings

Empower your employees with the knowledge and understanding of their biometric numbers. Biometric health screenings are a quick and convenient way for employees to meet with a Health Coach and have their blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, glucose, BMI, and body composition tested. Bloodwork is conducted with a simple finger prick blood test with instant results. A detailed report of the employees’ metrics is provided to each participant and is reviewed with the Health Coach, all within the same 10-minute appointment.

Why is Biometric Screening Important for Businesses

A key goal of biometric screening in the workplace is to reduce healthcare costs. By evaluating and proactively addressing health risks in the early stages, many health issues can be prevented through early detection and lifestyle changes. A successfully implemented Biometric Screening program provides business owners with key insights to improve their health benefits packages while meeting and managing the healthcare needs of their employees.

Setting Up Biometric Screening For Your Employees

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