One-on-One Wellness Coaching

Despite the fact that a lot of companies have wellness programs that are based around company events like participating in a cancer walk, a bike ride, or encouraging people to walk around the parking lot, in a lot of cases, somebody who’s been smoking for 30 years, or somebody who is 20, or 30, or 50 pounds overweight and never exercises, just because you say this is a good idea, they’re not going to make lifestyle changes to do those things even if you allow them the time to do it. So a lot of what we find works very well is some one-on-one wellness coaching where we provide a wellness coach to sit down with an individual to say what do you want to accomplish about your health. For some people, the answer is, ‘I’m quite happy the way I am,’ and we’re probably not going to do much for them now, but for the person who says, ‘You know, I’d like to quit smoking. I’m getting older. My kids are getting more active. I can’t keep up with them anymore,’ okay, how can we help you achieve the goals that you’d like to get to.

Whether it is weight loss, quit smoking or reduce your cholesterol, your blood pressure, or get off maintenance medications, let’s set up a program for that individual in the face of one-on-one coaching so that they can actually get some help and guidance over the long haul as to how to do it. One of the things we kid about that says if you’re in a program where you are actually trying to eat more healthy and exercise, and you know you’re going sit down with your wellness coach on Monday morning, are you more apt or less apt to eat that pizza, have that ice cream sundae, or workout over the weekend if you know you have to fess up to your wellness coach on Monday morning. We kid about it, but the fact of the matter is a lot of people will come in and sit down with our coaches on Monday or Tuesday morning to say, ‘You know, I went with my family on Saturday night and everybody had desserts, and everybody was eating badly. I knew I was going to have to sit here and talk to you, and I was going to be uncomfortable or embarrassed to tell you that I’d fallen off the wagon and eating a bunch of French-fries with a pizza.’ So there is some peer pressure involved in it. As long as you keep it at the point that it’s good natured peer pressure, it becomes a very effective tool at helping people get better about paying attention to their own health and wellness.