Health & Safety Consulting

With information easier to access, employees may come across a safety data sheet that identifies the environment they’re working in as hazardous. The peace of mind that employees and stakeholders experience when their operations are certified compliant goes far in promoting better working conditions.


Through an asbestos survey we can determine the risk level your building falls under. To guarantee that asbestos doesn’t halt your operations, we’ll interface with your team and oversee the containment and removal of affected areas in a timeline that works with your schedule.

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Chemical Exposure

If your employees are working with hazardous chemicals, anticipating a problem is the first step to solving it —before it even arises. We’ll identify what health hazards your team is at risk for and identify a way to evaluate it through the controls that are in place via exposure monitoring and testing equipment.

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Hazardous Materials Management

Lead, mercury, asbestos, mold—these are just a few of the hazardous materials that can cause a disruption in a workplace’s daily operations. Consult with an industry professional who can tell you exactly what hazards your team is exposed to and whether or not your operations are compliant with federal standards and regulations.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Many of the indoor air quality (IAQ) problems today are perceived issues rather than real health risks. Often, more complaints around IAQ are raised during the changing of the seasons. But to definitely determine whether your IAQ poses potential health problems for your employees, it’s important to perform an evaluation, which in turn gives your employees peace of mind.

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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of health hazards that arise in the workplace so that people are not exposed to those health hazards. Once we have the ability to evaluate exposures, we can offer recommendations or evaluations to control it.

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Whether it’s a humidification system gone amok or a specific water issue, testing and remediation is critical to ensuring that a mold problem doesn’t get out of control. Once we’ve provided the solution, we’ll get you the documentation to prove absence of residual mold, as well as guidance on how to prevent it in the future.

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Noise Exposure

Testing exposure to noise is necessary every time there is a change in noise levels due to a job assignment or equipment change. Through active exposure monitoring, identify which employees should be included in your Hearing Conservation Program to mitigate the repercussions of noise exposure.

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OSHA Compliance

We have a solid understanding of what you should be concerned about in terms of your worker safety and health. Whether you’re dealing with a workplace injury or an OSHA Compliance Inspection, we put together a plan of action to control the problem and get you set up and compliant with today’s standards.

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Safety Services

No matter the industry, every business has unique needs and challenges that need to be met in order to guarantee a suitable working environment (and a plan of action for the worst-case scenario). We provide that and more, establishing the right training, certifications, and documentation for safety best practices.

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