(Oddball) Safety

Probably because we’ve been around as long as we have, and so many people know who we are, we get crazy calls on occasion that have nothing to do with any of the other normal safety health issues that we get involved in. Just in the last couple of months, we had a doctor looking to rent space in a local city that had been used as a radiation center where people could go and get x-rays and MRIs – he was not going to do that kind of work, but his concern about the space was ‘is there any residual residual radiation in the building’ i.e. ‘am I going to be exposed to radiation when I rent the building.’

We’ve had at least two or three different times where we’ve had people with pacemakers who work in a building and there’s an adjacent building or roofline next to the office space that they work in where there are microwave antennas, radio antennas, telephone towers for cell service, etc. where their concern about any of the radiation that might emanate from those antennas affecting their pacemakers.

We’ve had the same thing take place in industrial environments. In the old days with microwave ovens, they used to be a sign on them talked about caution if you have a pacemaker, and we’ve got some infrared and ultrasonics that have some concerns for people as well. So we’ve probably done a dozen or fifteen pacemaker studies over the years.

Perhaps one of the most unique projects we’ve done recently was a fairly comprehensive dust exposure study for a company that actually is having a hard time hiring people and they’ve gone to a temporary service provider who toured the facility and said before we will actually place people here we need to know that the level of dust exposure is at a safe level. So we were doing dust exposure monitoring to help them hire people as opposed to doing dust exposure monitoring to prove that their employees were exposed to safe levels of dust.

So this category is called oddball safety and health consulting work because we get those requests relative to worker safety health that don’t really fit into any of the the normal work that we do, and it really becomes pure consulting work because we’re faced with a set of situations or predicaments that they’re really under new rules or guidelines or statutes for that we’ve got to try to help people make sure that their employees are safe.