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New England has a lot of history, Lawson Group OSHA safety guidelines can help you with asbestos management & oversight.

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In the real estate and construction businesses out there, the majority of the things that we provide for them are the management of hazardous materials. Whenever they have to do either construction, demolition, or retrofitting of a building that impacts asbestos-containing materials (ACM), they really should engage or involve [a New England asbestos management & oversight company, like The Lawson Group] us at the front end of the process so we can go into a facility where they’re going to do their construction work and determine what is present for asbestos, what kind of condition it’s in, and whether it needs to be removed or abated because it’ll be impacted by the work that they do.

We have many construction companies and real estate firms that will call us and engage us when they’re looking to buy a property, rehab a property, or sell a property. Before you even start to think about doing construction work is the time to do that. I can’t tell you over the years how many times we’ve gotten a call from somebody following OSHA safety guidelines in New England, and they’re in the middle of a renovation project, where they say, ‘Hey, we just opened up a wall, somebody told us that the pipes are covered with asbestos insulation, and we’ve got five or ten or twenty or thirty workmen standing around waiting now because nobody will go into the building and touch it until we find out if it’s asbestos.’ An even worse situation than that, they’ll call and say, ‘We just pulled down a ceiling and now we think the ceiling that we just pulled down has asbestos and it may have contaminated the entire building.’ We’ve done that as well.

When we do go in and they have contaminated the entire building, the project gets put on hold for weeks while they’re decontaminating the building. They suffer unbelievable costs to go in and do that that were never even anticipated in the budget for the construction project. So the best time to hire a New England asbestos management & oversight company is before these construction and real estate management companies even start to think about doing this stuff.

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