TPA & Workers’ Comp

As a Third-Party-Administrator for workers’ compensation insurance The Lawson Group brings an unusual “flavor” to the workers’ comp marketplace. While most commercial insurance carriers wait for a claim to happen and then process it, based on our strong background in worker health and safety, we take the approach that if you don’t hurt people in the first place, it doesn’t cost a lot of money! Therefore, we manage health and safety better than anyone and it shows in the low number of claims we do see and the reduced severity in those claims over what typically happens in the commercial marketplace.

Loss Control Services

The Lawson Group takes a practical approach to worker health and safety. The three most prevalent types of workers’ comp claims are 1.) Slips, Trips and Falls, 2.) Sprains and Strains and 3.) Caught by/Stuck by injuries. And, the majority of these claims are caused by employee unsafe work practices or unsafe acts and NOT unsafe conditions. Unsafe conditions are what a “normal” loss control inspection may look for but they are only responsible for a very small percentage of accidents. It is also unlikely that a “normal” inspection would encounter employees in the process of working unsafely. 

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TPA & Workers’ Comp Services

Most Third-Party Administrators only manage claims. The Lawson Group is essentially a private, workers’ compensation insurance company that only manages self-insurance. We have contract nurses and case managers and in-house claims adjusters that adjudicate claims. We also have loss control professionals that regularly visit our Members to help them identify unsafe work practices that may result in injuries. The significant difference with us is that we “run” the insurance program. We negotiate all contracts for actuaries, accountants and attorneys each group uses. We negotiate and place excess insurance, find and select pharmacy benefit management companies and bill repricing companies, maintain a relationship with the New Hampshire Department of Labor, the agency that regulates self-insurance and, perhaps the most significant function we provide is filing claims with the Department of Labor for Second Injury Fund reimbursement. This one task alone restores as much as a million dollars a year to our self-insured groups and individual companies. 

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