What We Do

The Lawson Group has been around since 1978, and although a lot of people know who we are, an awful lot of people don’t know what it is that we do. It appears we’ve done a really good job of marketing ourselves to the community so they know we exist, they just don’t know what it is that we do. I often like to tell people that we’re in the white horse business, which means we run in to save the day and we’re always trying to rescue people from themselves [with our New England area workplace health and safety guidance].

Everything that we do is things that companies should be doing for the benefit of themselves and their employees, and in a lot of cases, it’s very hard to describe that to them in a manner that’s meaningful. For lack of a better term, we help them protect their employees [by being OSHA compliant in New England] so that they can show up for work every day, and if they do, they’ll be able to continue as a sustainable business, employ people, produce the product or service that they do, and actually stay in business.

There are three different things that we do. The number one thing that we started doing back in 1978 is work health and safety [guidelines]. My background is in OSHA compliance, and everything we do to keep your people safe from getting hurt so they can show up for work every day.

The second thing that we started to do in 1994 is we are a third-party administrator for workers’ comp insurance, so now if somebody gets hurt on the job we’re able to get them back to work through a system of physical therapy, occupational health, and physicians that we use and our claims adjusters so that we can actually get them back to work faster in full condition. This actually ends up saving you money in your workers’ comp premium, and we do that through managing a couple of self insurance groups.

The third thing that we do is employee wellness programs. So if it’s not enough that we protect them and keep them safe on the job, and help you get them back to work when they get hurt, the other thing we do is to actually keep them healthier, and we do that through a series of training to get employees to use their health insurance better than they do now and become better consumers. They also become healthier in general through diet, nutrition, exercise and programs that individuals can work on to get better health.

There are statistics out there that show that if you have a healthier workforce, they come to work, they show up for work, they do a better job, they tend to get injured less in the first place and if they do their injuries are less severe and they tend to get back to work faster.

So if you look at those three things that we do [involving workplace health and safety in New England], they really are cyclical and all interlock with one another, so we’re able to protect your employees so they don’t get hurt, when they do get them back to work faster, and get them to be healthier so they show up for work in the first place.