Helping you take care of your employees since 1978, so you can take care of your business!!

At The Lawson Group we are committed to providing every client in New England and North America with employee health services to prevent injuries on the job, lower worker’s compensation costs and improve the health and wellness of workers through a single partnership with our firm.

What We Do


Since 1978, we have been one of the leading worker health and safety, and laboratory services firms in New England. We pride ourselves in offering common sense “advice” that helps solve safety, health, and industrial hygiene issues.

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We have been offering high-level injury prevention services and administration of claims to ensure that injured workers get the care they need and deserve and are able to return to work faster, reducing overall costs.

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Focused on company-centric wellness programs that address the health risks of employees, we offer wellness coaching, health assessments, educational lectures, competitions, CPR and First Aid training, body fat assessments, and more.

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Our Story

The Lawson Group has been around since 1978, and although a lot of people know who we are, many don’t know exactly what we do. It appears we’ve done a really good job of marketing ourselves to the community so they know we exist, they just don’t know what it is that we do.

It’s difficult to explain everything that we do concerning workplace safety services in New England, but generally, we tell people that we offer services to keep their people safe and healthy on the job. I often tell people that we’re in the “white horse” business–we run in to save the day and we’re always trying to rescue people from themselves.

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I’ve worked with TLG for over 32 years. They are very responsive and have the expertise and equipment to handle everything from routine projects to complicated IAQ complaints. Scott takes a ”common sense approach,” doing what’s best for the employees and the company. I would certainly recommend them.

- Thomas F. Hatch CHEM | Director, Safety-Emergency Management

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Get Optimal IAQ in Your Building

Maintaining a healthy and comfortable office environment is crucial to employee health, comfort, and performance. Ensuring that indoor air quality (IAQ) is optimal is a key ingredient in that process.

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Scott Talks: Workplace Safety Incentive Programs

In this episode of the podcast, learn about the common mistakes that companies make when establishing safety incentive programs in the workplace and how you can design a plan to effectively reduce injuries.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Chemical Exposure Control Plan

You work hard to keep your employees safe. But did you know that chemicals in the workplace can pose a severe threat to their health?

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The Lawson Group Approach to Workplace Safety

When attempting to determine the overall safety of your workplace, a safety audit—sometimes called a GAP Analysis—could be helpful in identifying key areas of concern. These audits are not specific to just OSHA compliance issues but go beyond that to look at the overall safety culture of an organization.

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Addressing Asbestos: Risk Assessment Vs Asbestos Survey

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral that was often used in building materials between the 1930s and 1970s. While asbestos was favored due to its durability and resistance to fire, the substance was eventually restricted due to its toxicity and the threat it poses to human health.

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What You Should Know About Employee-Based Safety Committees in New Hampshire

Employee-based workplace safety committees may not be perceived as the “coolest” employee groups in a workplace, but their duties are worth respecting. With a workplace safety committee that includes employees, you as a manager can encourage your staff to be active participants in their personal safety and health at work.

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Scott Talks: Think Before You Start to Reduce the Risk of an Accident

Check out our latest podcast to learn how work plans can be used to prevent injuries.

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Safety and Health Hazards in an Office Environment

Although we have been in the Health and Safety business for almost forty-five years, we rarely get asked to look at office safety issues. While there is a perception that offices are relatively safe places to work, there are still plenty of ways for people to get hurt.

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How Wellness Programs Can Help Workforces

If you plan to leverage a health risk assessment to get a better understanding of your workforce's physical health, you'll likely find that the majority of health issues affect two groups of people: those who smoke and those who have dietary and weight issues.

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Leaky Pipes: When Does a Plumbing Problem Become a Mold Problem?

At home, leaky pipes are a nuisance. They decrease water pressure, cause property damage, and can foster the perfect conditions for mold growth. As a property or facilities manager, leaky pipes aren't just an annoyance—they could become the primary source of health and safety issues.

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