OSHA Compliance

The work we do is often related to OSHA compliance. We have a good understanding of what you should be concerned about in terms of your worker safety and health, and we always say you have two liabilities when it comes to your employees in terms of safety and health; the first is the liability that they will actually get hurt and it will impact your ability to do business, or you could lose some of your better or best employees to an injury for a period of time and your business cannot function as well as it could when they were there.

The other liability is the liability of an OSHA compliance inspection. In a lot of cases, you may end up spending more time and energy to comply with an OSHA inspection after the fact than if you were to be in compliance before OSHA ever shows up for an inspection. So this is a discussion we have with people all the time as to your relative liability.

We always come down on the side of you shouldn’t be in a position to have hazards present that can hurt your employees, because that is way more harmful to your business in terms of being able to operate every day. We also come down on the side of if you have a good, proactive health and safety program in the first place, you will by default comply with my of OSHA standards without having to actually take out the book and comply with it.