Smoking Cessation Programs

Our eight-week smoking cessation program is designed using the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking® program; the gold standard, group clinic that has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers to quit for good. All Freedom From Smoking® products are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure that Freedom From Smoking® remains “America’s gold standard in smoking cessation programs.” Prior to the start of the program, our team will provide promotional materials and a necessary sign-up sheet for employees. We have designed our program so it can be held during lunch breaks, or before or after shifts. The weekly onsite sessions can range from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on employer preference.

All sessions are led by one of our trained facilitators. The program does not begin with quitting. Quitting smoking is a process, not a single event. We start by giving participants solid information about preparing to quit, then guide them through their Quit Day and the first few weeks of being smoke-free. We make sure to incorporate interactive and engaging activities, but also allow time for group support. We hope our classes learn just as much from each other as they do from us!

We encourage participants to complete the entire program, regardless of whether they are able to quit on their designated Quit Day. Continuing through the program can help them gain tools for their next quit attempt. Quitting smoking is not easy, and although we would love to have a 100% quit rate for every class, we most importantly want our participants to gain knowledge for quitting and not feel judged.

At the completion of the program, our facilitator will gather contact information from the group for follow-ups. We follow-up with participants at three, six, and twelve-month intervals after the program, and record their smoking status. These follow-up sessions also provide participants the opportunity to get advice, tools, and support from one of our experts, and allow us to track and report on long-term success rates.