Hospitals are like little cities in and of themselves. Almost everything that we do in the area of mold, bacteria, asbestos, indoor air quality, and things related to health and safety is needed in healthcare.

The Lawson Group’s History of Working in Healthcare

We do a lot of work in the healthcare industry and a lot of work in hospitals in particular. We’ve had a couple of hospitals where almost every time they have safety and health issues of any type, either because they’ve got staff that are too busy doing regular day-to-day work, or they have no staff, we get called in to do either evaluations training programs, or industrial hygiene work, or asbestos work.

Again we have a hospital that we mentioned that had the sprinkler pipe break and flood eight floors of a brand-new building. We were there for, I think we had five or six people, there for the better part of two months while they went through that whole cleanup. We have another hospital right now that we’re going through about a hundred and twenty-five buildings that they own to do confined space evaluations and lockout tag evaluations. We’ve gone through several other healthcare facilities where we’ve done training programs for their nursing staff on blood-borne pathogens. We’re actually starting to do a lot of work in the pharmacy areas right now where they’re doing compounding. There’s a brand-new standard that’s coming out as to testing that needs to be done in those facilities to protect the product from contamination, but it becomes kind of an industrial hygiene problem in terms of how we do that testing for mold and/or bacteria to make sure that the products are being handled properly. We’ve also done hazard communication training programs and collected material safety data sheets in a number of different hospitals. They have a bunch of kind of unique problems that they have to deal with.

Hospitals are like little cities in and of themselves. Almost everything that we do in the area of mold and bacteria, asbestos, indoor air quality, and all the safety and health things that we do, almost all of that occurs in hospitals. We do all of those things in a number of hospitals on a regular basis.

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