Wellness Programs

The Lawson Group provides customized wellness programs with the goal of addressing employee health risks, improving productivity and morale, and ultimately benefiting your bottom line. We offer the flexibility to engage in a single service or walk you through an annual or multi-year plan. All of our programs are designed, administered, and supported by our local team of wellness consultants.

What are Wellness Programs?

Wellness programs refer to health initiatives that are designed to improve the overall health of a company’s workforce. Diet, nutrition, exercise, and information–these are the building blocks of a comprehensive wellness program designed to encourage employees to lead healthier lives. Workplace wellness programs provide guidance to employees on making better lifestyle choices and an effective program will cover all the bases, encouraging a balance in emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

How to Identify the Right Wellness Program

Workplace to workplace, across industries, the needs of employees are unique. Wellness programs should be tailored to each individual with goals that align with the company’s initiatives.

One-On-One Wellness Coaching

We take pride in the personal touch of our small, local wellness team. We encourage face-to-face, on-site coaching sessions where participants set and follow up on personal wellness goals. The best part is building a long-term relationship between coach and trainee, improving rapport, and keeping things on track.

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Online Wellness Platform & App

Get the most advanced, flexible, and personalized wellness solution in the industry that fits all your needs. Every aspect of our Online Wellness Platform & App is completely configurable, so in minutes you can craft a program that accommodates the needs of your team in a user-friendly portal they can always access. 

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Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges targeting healthy lifestyle choices are fun and popular ways to engage members in employee wellness programs. Our wellness challenges, both individual and team-oriented, focus on making positive lifestyle choices and can be offered online or as a stand-alone service offline. 

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Wellness Fairs

Thinking about hosting a wellness fair for your employees but the thought of all that vendor outreach and planning details seem daunting? Well, sit back, relax, and let us plan your wellness fair for you! Our team has wellness fair planning down to a science. 

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