TPA & Workers Comp Services

We are a very different type of Third-Party Administrator (TPA) than our competitors. Most TPA’s manage claims and that is it. The Lawson Group essentially operates as a full service, private workers’ comp insurance carrier. We employ the use of nurses and case managers and have in-house claims adjusters that assist employees with their cases. We also have safety, health and loss control professionals to help business owners implement safety programs that keep their employees safe, healthy and on the job. We manage all the day-to-day business of the self-insurance groups that we manage including negotiating all of the services they employ and their excess insurance contracts.

Granite State Workers’ Compensation Manufacturers Trust

In 1995, we started this group with only seven companies and about $750,000 in premium and have grown it to over 215 companies and $11 million in premium since then. The group includes manufacturer of all kinds including Machine SHops, Metal Fabricators, Foundries, Food Product companies, High Tech companies, Electronics companies, and a veritable cornucopia of small to medium size companies that make product.

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Lumber Industries Self-Insured Group

The Lawson Group has managed the Lumber Industry Self-Insured Group Trust, or LISIG, since 2001. At the time the group had about 30 Members and about $1 million in premium and has since grown to almost 100 Members and $4 million in premium. The Member companies are all in the “wood” business and include mechanized loggers, tree cutters, sawmills, retail lumber yards, companies that make wooden products, such as architectural millwork, cabinets, doors, windows and pallets.

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Granite State Healthcare & Human Services

The Granite State Healthcare and Human Services Trust was started in February of 2018 to serve the Non-Profit, Healthcare and Social Services community. The group was started with just ten members and about $1 million in premium but has grown quickly as the market becomes aware of this alternative option to the conventional workers’ compensation insurance market and currently has almost 90 Members and $5 million in premium. This group includes Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Services for the Intellectually Disabled, Homeless Service Organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs and several YMCA’s.

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Individual Self-Insured Company Management

The state of New Hampshire at one time had almost 100 companies that were individually self-insured. That number is about 25 today and we manage 5 of them. Being self-insured means they pay their own claims instead of buying a policy but still require the contractual use of a TPA. Self-insurance is not for everyone. It is a long-term proposition – once you start a self-insured program for your company, you own any claims that occur until they are ultimately settled and that could take decades in some cases.

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