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Wellness Offerings

The Lawson Group wellness program is a perfect fit for forward thinking employers focused on prevention and risk reduction. We can work with you to develop a wellness program that will positively impact workplace culture and create a healthier bottom line for your organization. Our team will consult and advise on health management strategies that will lead to more informed, healthier, productive, and engaged employees.

The list of services included here can be a part of our comprehensive approach. If your wellness program is already in place, you may be looking for services to supplement what you have available. We can provide any of these options as a stand alone service.

Health Clinics

Biometric Clinic

Measurement of height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and waist. Cholesterol and blood glucose screening may also be included. Information is given on healthy ranges and ways to improve. When done regularly this is a great tool for employees to measure individual success and for employers to capture aggregate data.

Blood Pressure Screening

Sessions include a blood pressure check and explanation on healthy ranges. Participants receive a copy of their reading. Those with elevated blood pressure are encouraged to follow up with their physician.

Skin Damage Screening

Simple, noninvasive screening to show participants their hidden skin damage from years of sun exposure. Participants review their results with a coach and walk away with educational materials.

Cholesterol & Glucose Screening

Quick and easy finger prick test with results provided on site. Our most common screening is a non-fasting Total Cholesterol, HDL, and Glucose. Other options are available, including a 12-hour fasting screening with full lipid panel (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Glucose).

Bone Density Assessment

A simple heel ultrasound is taken. It takes approximately five minutes to measure each participant and provide results. Participants have an opportunity to review their results with an expert.

Flu Shot Clinic

Set up of an on-site flu clinic for employees. Encourage your workforce to prepare for
cold & flu season by holding a fast and convenient clinic.



Group Classes

First Aid, CPR and AED Training

First Aid, CPR and AED training held at your facility for members of your staff. Participants receive a two-year American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED certification upon successful completion of the 4-5 hour course. The course meets OSHA requirements.

Fitness Class

Coordination of a fitness class held at your facility. Classes average 30–60 minutes and can fit in a lunch break or after a shift. Choose your class from a variety of options.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

Blood Borne Pathogen training held at your facility. Each participant receives a 1-year  American Red Cross Universal Certificate upon successful completion of the 1-2 hour course. Training must be completed annually as required by OSHA regulations. This course meets OSHA requirements.

Smoking Cessation

Eight-week “Freedom from Smoking” program offered through the American
Lung Association with a trained facilitator. Sessions involve preparation for quitting,
a planned “quit day” and maintenance
after quitting.

Weight Loss Group

Eight 30 minute sessions with weigh-ins, group discussions and tips for weight loss. Individuals benefit from group support and the expertise of a group leader.

Wellness Lecture

A 30–60 minute educational lecture on a topic of your choice. Choose from an extensive list of health and wellness lectures.



Events and Challenges

Wellness Fair

Coordination of a wellness fair designed specifically for your company’s needs. Includes attendance of your event as an exhibitor, with a focus on educating your workforce on a topic of your choice. Other relevant exhibitors are also invited.

Well Visit

When employees cannot commit 30-60 minutes for an educational lecture, we set up a wellness booth in a high traffic area where participants can stop by for a few minutes. The booth is interactive and eye catching, and educational materials are provided.

Distracted Driving Simulator

One Simple Decision® (OSD) is the world’s first simulation-based impaired & distracted driving program designed to prevent destructive driving behaviors among teens and adults. This innovative technology presents participants with a first person account of the real life consequences of distracted and impaired driving.

Six-Week Challenge

Choose from a ever growing list of six-week challenges. The work has already been done for you in developing the challenge, now let us walk you through the promotion, delivery, and tracking, too. Great when combined with before and after Biometric Clinics.

One-Day Challenge

One-day, on-site challenges are perfect for lunchtime, company meetings or staff outings. Choose from a list of physical and mental challenges that encourage
team-building, fun, and healthy living, and provide a welcome change of pace.

Healthy Food Demonstration

A demonstration and/or samples of a simple healthy snack or meal are provided, along with recipe cards and a handout of the health benefits of the food that was prepared.


Specialized Offerings


Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

An HRA is a tool used to educate individuals so they can identify personal health risks, learn about them and take steps to improve their health. The HRA is accessed via email after participants complete a biometric screening. Upon completion, participants receive a comprehensive report card that includes biometric screening data and
HRA responses.

HRA Follow-up

Participants meet with an expert to review their personal HRA report. During this session, they can set goals and receive tips on how to accomplish them.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching visits offer individuals the opportunity to work on disease management and health goals. Employees have a coach available during site visits, by telephone
or email.