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Worker Health & Safety

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Creating a Safe and Healthy Workforce

The Lawson Group is one of the leading worker health and safety, and laboratory services, firms in New England. Since 1978, we have proudly offered common sense “advice” that helps clients solve safety, health, and industrial hygiene issues.

The Lawson Group has worked with nearly 5,000 clients in almost half the states in this country to help create safer work environments.

A common denominator in every single workplace, whether it be high tech or low, electronics or sawmill, is the employee. Statistically, almost all accidents that happen in the workplace are the result of unsafe work practices or unsafe acts-people doing their jobs incorrectly or using incorrect tools and equipment.

Despite safety and health regulations, we have found over the years that the focus on worker safety must begin with the employee. The involvement of employees in a proactive safety program is the basis of ensuring a workplace free from injury and illness. In companies with the most proactive and progressive safety programs we also find better product quality and higher productivity and financial profitability.

All of these business related issues are woven together and the companies that have figured this out are the ones that are the most successful. The goal of The Lawson Group is to assist you in providing a safe work environment. Safety in the workplace only works with a strong management commitment and active participation of the workers in the overall safety process. The Lawson Group aims to guide you in those simple principles to ensure your employees a safe and healthy place in which to work.