Granite State Workers’ Compensation Manufacturers Trust

Of the three self insurance groups we manage, the first one is the one that we actually started on our own in 1995 and it is the Granite State Workers’ Compensation Manufacturers Trust, better known as Sigma One for short. which is a lot easier to say. It’s a very diverse group of manufacturers, the size of those companies can be as few as eight or ten employees, and the largest one has almost 800 employees. The size of the premium for those companies ranges from five or ten thousand dollars to a high of something in excess of a half a million dollars. Right now it’s about 185 or 190 companies altogether, very diverse in terms of what they make or manufacture. It’s everything from food products to electronics, concrete blocks, precast concrete, and a whole lot of other companies that make a product. We even have a few software companies because they are still considered to be a manufacturers, since they’re producing a product that they ship to people either electronically or in the form of disks that they can then install when they get it that their place of business.