Online Wellness Program

Custom Wellness Programs

Built for your team. Designed, administered, and supported by our local, dedicated wellness consultants.


A Complete Wellness Program:

Our team has always taken pride in our creativity, flexibility, and ability to meet our client’s needs “without the box.” After exhaustive research to find the best of the best, we are excited to be bringing a technology solution into our wellness model. We are helping create the future of wellness with the most advanced, flexible, and personalized wellness solution in the industry. Finding a single wellness program that fits your needs can be incredibly difficult. That’s why we’ve made sure every aspect of our online solution is configurable, so in minutes we can help you craft your own one-of-a-kind solution. And our local team of coaches will be there to administer the whole program for you, including customization and management of the portal!

The bonus? Spouses and dependents can sign up to use the portal at no additional cost!


What is it All About?

Challenges. There are over 200 pre-built challenges. Not enough? Good news. We can create our own based on your specific needs.

Biometrics. Offer biometric screenings at your office, local labs, and/or physician’s office. Information can be entered into the system and associated with their Health Assessment personal profile.

Health Assessment. Meaningful questions reveal where to focus well-being efforts in six different areas: emotional, social, physical, occupational, financial, and purpose.

Coaching. Well-being happens faster when a certified coach nudges employees towards their wellness goals. Our local team of coaches will still be here to provide that service for you, and can assign individual challenges and educational courses through the portal!

Activities. Activities are the heartbeat of a wellness program — they are what keep it going throughout the year. Whether onsite or online, all of your wellness program activities can be tracked through the portal. If it is onsite, participants don’t have to do a thing other than show up! Our coaches will track their participation from the back end.

Tracking. Track via text message, the mobile app or web portal, wearable devices, and fitness apps. The system supports the latest in wearables and wireless trackers in the industry (including Fitbit, iWatch, and Garmin).

Rewards. Get your team going with premium differentials, raffles, fitness gear, gift cards, and more. All managed right in the portal! We can also provide a direct data feed that integrates with your payroll system for HSA, FSA, or cash contributions.


Good Health is Good Business

It’s no secret—when you feel better, you’re more productive. You can focus. You can accomplish more. Adopting a wellness program at your organization results in healthier workers and a better bottom line. The best part? This solution is affordable and available for small businesses and large! Our team will work with you to develop tailored programs that engage your employees. This flexibility makes it easy to keep the program fresh and interest levels high.