Certified CPR/First Aid Courses

For the last several years now, we’ve been offering both CPR and First Aid courses. That’s become one of the more popular wellness services that we provide. We find more and more people want to be able to react to an emergency situation. The folks that we’re training aren’t necessarily the first aid people within a facility, it’s a safety committee within a facility. A lot of the people that are getting trained want to get trained because their kids are involved in outdoor sports, or they’ve got elderly parents who moved in with them and they want to be able to take care of those people in the event of a first-aid situation or a heart attack.

In some cases, we’re offering courses as often as once or twice a month. Sometimes we can actually come to your facility and do the training with your own employees or your own staff. So be sure to talk to us about that. We’re happy to create a course that fits your needs.