Biometric Screening Clinics

If you currently offer on-site biometric screenings or are thinking about doing so, look no further than The Lawson Group. Clients we work with are always pleasantly surprised at how much more cost-effective and organized our screening events are than the large national vendors. When we work with an employer to offer biometric screenings, we take care of all the little details so there is essentially no work for the client! We will create all promotional materials for your event. Employees will be able to use our online appointment system to sign up for their screening time and receive a confirmation and reminder email before their time slot. They can also cancel or change their appointment by clicking on a link from their confirmation email. We even provide the employer with access to a listing of who has signed up — live!

During the 10-15-minute screening appointment, which requires no prior fasting, our certified health coaches will record the following measurements:

  • Blood pressure
  • Body composition
  • Waist
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Blood glucose
  • Optionally, LDL and triglycerides may be added, which require fasting

When the screening is complete, participants will receive an instant report card with their results, which will be reviewed by one of our experts. Additionally, we’re able to show participants how their scores could change should they improve any of their numbers.

We will have brochures available with information about each of the measurements we take. They include a break down of risk factors, as well as lifestyle recommendations to improve any at-risk results. Participants are always welcome to take any materials they choose, but we encourage folks to take the information specific to numbers we identify as at risk.

Participants with very high-risk screening results (results we identify as needing immediate follow up with a medical professional) will be asked to acknowledge the importance of following up with their physician by signing a High-Risk Referral Form. We will follow up with the participant within 48-hours of the screening if they give us permission to do so.