16-Hour Asbestos Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Training (2 day course)

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Date(s) - 07/18/2018 - 07/19/2018
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Lawson Group, Concord NH


This training course is designed to meet the needs of maintenance personnel or custodial staff involved with: (1) repair and/or removal of small quantities of ACM or ACBM (less than or equal to 3 linear or 3 square feet), which may be required during Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities and (2) compliance with State of New Hampshire rules (HeP-5000) and the revised OSHA standards for Asbestos in the workplace (general industry, construction, and shipyard).
Topics include medical surveillance; respiratory protection; decontamination; equipment for use in small-scale removal projects; HEPA vacuums and glove-bags; exposure monitoring, and record keeping.  Class participants should dress casually and bring their respiratory protective devices with them to receive their fit-testing (Qualitative, by irritant smoke).  In order to receive a fit test, participants must provide documentation from an approved physician they have been medically cleared to wear a respirator and must be completely clean shaven. The hands-on training is conducted on non-Asbestos-containing materials using glovebags and HEPA vacuums.  Encapsulation and enclosure of ACM or ACBM are covered using slides or films.

This 2-day course is required for individuals who perform OSHA 1926.1101 CLASS III work in school buildings or public and commercial buildings and may include:

  • A response action other than an O&M activity
  • A response action for a major fiber release episode
  • Designated persons for schools or O&M program administrators in Public and Commercial Buildings
  • Employees who work around possible asbestos containing material (PACM)
  • Drilling holes in walls

Topics include:

This 2-day 16-hour course is intended for personnel who will disturb small amounts of asbestos as a result of routine or emergency maintenance or repair work. 

  • Federal, state, and local Asbestos regulations
  • Proper Asbestos-related work practices
  • Descriptions of the proper methods of handling ACM, including waste handling and disposal
  • Respirator use, care, and fit-testing
  • Protective clothing donning, use, and handling
  • Hands-on exercises for techniques such as glovebag work and HEPA vacuum use and maintenance
  • Appropriate and proper worker decontamination procedures.
At the conclusion of this training course participants will be qualified to repair/remove up to 3 linear or 3 square feet of Asbestos-containing materials, (without involving an Asbestos contractor),  in order to carry on normal Operations and Maintenance activities.