We’ve been around forever. A lot of people know who we are, but not too many people know what we do. That’s a very true statement. We also have a great reputation in the business community for the fact that we have longevity. We’ve been in business for 40 years and we have a great reputation for all the different things that we do out there. For the people who do know exactly what the services are that we do, we have a great reputation.

We are a great company to work for. Right now, we have two people on our staff that are approaching 30 years of employment with us. We have a number of people that have been here more than 10 to 15 years. It’s a family business and we treat everybody like family. When we’re doing well and making money, we share it. We have a 401k plan that we contribute to. Last year we put a three hundred thousand dollar discretionary match into the 401k plan and it ended up being about 10% of everybody’s pay is what they got for our contribution. We still currently pay for a 100% of the health insurance plan that we provide, and we have a bunch of days off. We have a summer outing that we take people with and shut the office down for a day. We have a winter outing where we shut the office down for the day and have a ski day. We have a nice Christmas party where we even have Santa come and bring presents for all of our employees’ children. I’m going try to make it a real family event.

So if you’re interested in employment here, please give us a call about that. We’re happy to entertain applications. We don’t always have jobs available, but if we’re hiring, we’re happy to talk to you.

Current Openings